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Exhibitor interview with Jiangsu Dowill Paints

Exhibiting company: Jiangsu Dowill Paints Co.

Stand number: B18

Company website:

Fred Shi, Deputy General Manager

How do you view the outlook for the intermodal industry?

How is deglobalisation affecting the global supply chain?
We have seen a significant influence on China’s exports and its connection to container circulation.

How have you been embracing collaboration and interoperability in your business?
The container manufacturing industry has a clear division of labour and participates in the international economic cycle, which requires collaboration and industry interoperability.

What new products, services and solutions are you launching in 2023?
Dowill Paint Company provides integrated green coating solutions to the customers and industry.

What key trends do you see shaping the industry over the next few years?
Steady and slightly contracted.

How can the industry support sustainable growth?
Depends on international business recovery and stable world trade environment.

Why is exhibiting at Intermodal Europe important for your business in 2023?
More customers and more opportunities for communication.