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Exhibitor interview with railMybox

Exhibiting company: railMybox / driveMybox

Stand number: C18

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Franklin Birkle, Business Development Manager

How do you view the outlook for the intermodal industry?
The intermodal industry is poised for continued growth and innovation. With increasing globalisation and the need for efficient, sustainable transportation solutions, there are plenty of opportunities for expansion. The integration of digital technologies, digital platform solutions like driveMybox and railMybox, and the adoption of eco-friendly practices are shaping a promising future for the intermodal sector.

How is deglobalisation affecting the global supply chain?
Deglobalisation can introduce complexities and challenges to the global supply chain. It may lead to a reconfiguration of supply networks and an emphasis on regionalisation. As a result, everyone needs to closely monitor these trends to adapt their services and optimize their supply chain operations accordingly. 

How have you been embracing collaboration and interoperability in your business?
At driveMybox, we prioritise collaboration and interoperability. We have developed strategic partnerships with various stakeholders in the logistics and transportation ecosystem like Aral (bp), Krone Fleet, railMybox and Conroo to provide end-to-end solutions. We also invest in technology that promotes interoperability to streamline operations and improve customer experiences.

What new products, services and solutions are you launching in 2023?

In 2023, driveMybox is excited to introduce several innovative products and services. This includes enhanced tracking and tracing capabilities, expanded route optimisation algorithms, and new features regarding eco-friendly intermodal transport routes. One of these features is our CO2 Offsetting option and the so called “Eco-Mode” customers can choose while booking their container transport at our platform. All of these features are designed to reduce carbon emissions and promote sustainability.

What key trends do you see shaping the industry over the next few years?
Key trends shaping the intermodal industry include the adoption of digital systems for booking and tracking, the growth of e-commerce, a focus on sustainability and emissions reduction, and the integration of automation and artificial intelligence for improved efficiency and cost savings.

How can the industry support sustainable growth?
Sustainable growth in the intermodal industry can be achieved by investing in eco-friendly technologies, optimizing transportation routes to reduce emissions, and promoting the use of alternative fuels. Collaboration with environmental organisations and regulatory compliance is also essential to minimise the industry's environmental footprint. That is why we are closely working together with IBEXUS and Climate Partners to achieve our goal to be the first CO2 neutral booking platform for container transportation.

Why is exhibiting at Intermodal Europe important for your business in 2023?
Exhibiting at Intermodal Europe is crucial for driveMybox and railMybox because it provides us with a platform to showcase our latest innovations and connect with industry leaders, customers, and partners. It allows us to demonstrate our commitment to the intermodal sector's growth and sustainability while fostering valuable collaborations and expanding our market presence.