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Exhibitor interview with Safim

Exhibiting company: Safim Srl

Stand number: A24

Company website:

Enrico Sirito, Managing Director

How do you view the outlook for the intermodal industry?
The intermodal sector will see significant growth potential in the future. While it is essential to enhance infrastructure, there is no doubt that the intermodal transport industry will experience substantial expansion over the next 20 years.

How is deglobalisation affecting the global supply chain?
Deglobalisation is certainly impacting Extra-CEE shipments, particularly those that involve overseas trade. However, I don’t think this is the case for intra-European trade, due to the strong existing connections within Europe.

What new products, services and solutions are you launching in 2023?
We always strive to be competitive in each component: price, quality and environment. The  goal of this year is to affirm and improve these components.

What key trends do you see shaping the industry over the next few years?
The most evident trend is undoubtedly the environment, which will be key for sure. In this regard, we are pleased that our main product, the tank container, is exceptionally eco-friendly, as it eliminates the need for plastic packaging and disposal.

How can the industry support sustainable growth?
Certainly, choosing products that can be more sustainable. As mentioned earlier, utilising tank containers is a means to practice green logistics.

Why is exhibiting at Intermodal Europe important for your business in 2023?
We specialise in intermodal logistics, so it’s crucial for us to be there and actively involved in the sector.