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Exhibitor interview with Touax

Exhibiting company: Touax Global Container Solutions

Stand number: D20

Company website:

Marco Poggio, Managing Director

How do you view the outlook for the intermodal industry?
We anticipate further growth driven by sustainability targets. At TOUAX, we are fully committed to this trajectory, bolstered by our assets’ classes, railcars, river barges and containers.

How is deglobalisation affecting the global supply chain?
In the past several months, we have observed a rise in intra-regional trade and the expansion of niche operators.

What new products, services and solutions are you launching in 2023?
At Touax Container, our focus remains on strengthening our core businesses, which include trading new containers, facilitating one-way moves, and providing third party management services.

What key trends do you see shaping the industry over the next few years?
Over the next few years, we anticipate several notable shifts in our industry: (i) major shipping lines are expected to further consolidate their vertical integration efforts to transform into full logistics players, (ii) regions like the Middle East are poised for increased growth and development, (iii) stringent environmental regulations will drive the transformation of the global supply chain by industry stakeholders.

How can the industry support sustainable growth?
The industry can contribute to sustainable growth by effectively achieving the set targets for reducing CO2 emissions.

Why is exhibiting at Intermodal Europe important for your business in 2023?
We would not miss Intermodal Europe, it’s a special rendezvous with our clients, partners and the entire industry. It’s always great to connect with everyone, share ideas and discover new opportunities. This year is also special for us as Touax Container is celebrating its 40th Birthday and Touax Group its 170th.