Corry Brennan

Regional Simplex Sales Manager

Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd

Session: Satellites ensure your IoT big data yields valuable insights


Can you provide an overview of your topic session? Why is this an important topic to discuss?

The session is entitled “Satellites Ensure Your IoT Big Data Yields Valuable insights”. Thesession focuses on the role of satellite communications in the overall IoT/Big Data ecosystem. It is important to discuss this in order to illustrate the operational importance and necessity to have the ability to transmit IoT data reliably and without interruption regardless of location. 

What has been the biggest challenge to your business in 2019?

We have been working hard to inform the international marketplace and to illustrate how crucial it is to be able to transmit this IoT data, without interruption or fault, and how this ability is absolutely core to operational and business success - it should not be an afterthought when implementing an IoT solution. Reliable, always-on connectivity is crucial for IoT data to be truly meaningful, and only satellite
communications can deliver this.

How can we streamline operations with the use of IoT technology?

IoT technology delivers certainty of any assets or shipment’s location, confidence of delivery. It also enables all stakeholders to know a shipment’s route, schedule and it facilitates roster planning, predictive maintenance, etc. By using satellite communications, these information flows can be reliable, ubiquitous and uninterrupted. The operational and supply chain benefits of always-on connections are virtually countless.

How can IoT technology be used to ensure transparency at all points of the supply chain?

Transparency is assured by introducing the capability to know where your asset is, and its condition, at all times. All along thesupply chain, there is full knowledge, and all stakeholders benefit. 

Why do you think events such as Intermodal Europe are important for the industry?

This will be Globalstar’s sixth time exhibiting at Intermodal Europe and we see it as a veritable one-stop shop for those in and around the Shipping Container Industry, and other users in the ecosystem, to become informed of the latest technology, trends, products and services which are both affecting the industry now and likely to affect the Industry in the future.