Jack Mar


Star Solutions


Session: Intermodal IoT Applications


Can you provide an overview of your session? Why is this an important topic to discuss?

Intermodal IOT Applications - Many shipping lines are looking to deploy solutions at sea, so that containers can continue to be monitored and controlled.

What are the most common teething problems with using smart containers?

The shipping lines that are leading smart containers are either deploying or have already deployed solutions, but others are still studying and waiting before adoption. So it is only a matter of time.

How can we streamline operations with the use of IoT technology?

An ecosystem that adopts the same technology solutions will speed up the deployment of IoT devices by the industry

How can IoT technology be used to ensure transparency at all points of the supply chain?

The only technology standard that can assure coverage at all points for smart containers is cellular mobile technology because of its ubiquitous coverage.

Why do you think events like Intermodal Europe are important for the industry?

It is a good opportunity to meet other companies in the indsurty and to keep up with new trends and technologies.