Julius Taminiau


Julius Taminiau Architects


Session: Upcycling shipping containers into a vibrant Startup Village


Can you provide an overview of your topic? Why is this an important topic to discuss?

It will be about the usage of shipping containers for the purpose of temporary and environmental friendly Architecture. Shipping containers as a budget tool to create temporary vibrant places such as Startup Village Amsterdam.

Shipping containers can offer a (temporary) answer to overcrowding cities. By up-cycling shipping containers you can create and use unused / derelict areas like Startup Village quickly, economically and in an environmentally friendly way. 

Can you tell us about some of the most inspirational new construction projects that are using shipping containers?

I think Pop Brixton ( by Carl Turner Architects) is very inspirational since it turned a derelict unused area into a vibrant spot. I used to work at Carl Turner Architects, and Startup Village is inspired by Pop Brixton amongst others.

Also, the Nomadic Museum by Shigeru Ban is a great example how to create temporary spaces which could also easily moved all over the world. And the museum traveled all over the world. The shipping container could even function as "containers" for the content. Some sort of hyper functional but also beautiful architectural solution to create creative space.

Can costs for modification now be standardised? What are the key aspects of modification that impact on cost?

I think modifications like window-openings etc could be standardized, but often I see that the "economic" reason has more importance than the environmental resulting in bad architecture and bad marketing for shipping containers. I think the power of the container is that it already is super flexible. We (JTA) used the flexible power for example to create more sculptural architecture with a lot of open areas and terraces filled with green. 

What are the benefits of using containers compared to traditional construction?

I think the biggest benefit is that you're reusing materials in a budget-friendly way and that they could be reused in other places later. In this way, waste is very limited.

Why do you think events such as Intermodal Europe are important for the industry?

I think that events like Intermodal Europe are important because people can inspire each other, share knowledge, and it could form the first meeting point for fruitful collaboration.