Robin Jaacks

Chief Commercial Officer

Ocean insights GmbH

Session: How to find value in container visibility


Can you provide an overview of your topic session? Why is this an important topic to discuss?

Everyone agrees it is important to know what the status of a shipments is. Yet, many companies struggle to actually derive actionable insights from visibility data and thus fail to save costs. This talk will explore actual business cases and highlight why every shipper should have a visibility solution in place. 

What has been the biggest challenge to your business in 2019?

Visibility data is in great demand in 2019. The biggest challenge for Ocean Insights is therefore to keep pace with the growth of the company. Today, we operate in 30 countries and our goal is to add 5 more by the end of the year. While this will require a great effort by all of Ocean Insights’ team members, it is also great fun.

What are the most common teething problems with using smart containers?

It is good to know where a specific container is, yet this information alone will not solve any business challenges. Why is that? What most big shippers struggle with is exception management, thus the process to identify potential problems and delays in the supply chain, ideally even before they happen. The scope of container visibility therefore goes well beyond the position data. It is all about deriving actionable insights from such data and incorporating the findings into ERP and TM systems. Smart Containers are a great source of data yet they alone will not solve a shippers challenges. 

How can we streamline operations with the use of IoT technology?

IoT technology will generate vast amounts of real-time data. The challenge will then be to manage all that data in a smart way. Nothing is achieved if the amount of data becomes too overwhelming to cope with. While IoT technology has a great potential to solve business challenges, streamlining operations and decision making will only become a reality if the data is consumed in a smart way.  

How can IoT technology be used to ensure transparency at all points of the supply chain?

The important challenge is to identify relevant variables within the supply chain which may have in impact on operations. Simply because you can measure something doesn’t mean it is meaningful. Or to put it differently, not all data points are equally important. Transparency can only be ensure if you measure what matters— otherwise it will be total confusion. 

Why do you think events such as Intermodal Europe are important for the industry?

Nothing beats personal meetings and discussions. Digitalization is rapidly changing the way the logistics industry works. These days it is all about keeping pace with innovative technologies and software. In that sense, nothing beats a conference where industry leaders come together to discuss new ideas and learn about future technologies.