Exhibitor / Sponsor Networking Guide

This page is your 'how to' guide for accessing, setting up and making the most out of your exhibitor account within our virtual platform, Grip. Below, we have provided you with a step-by-step overview which displays some of the most essential information you need to know ahead of Intermodal Connect. 

For a more in-depth introdcution into the Grip platform and some of its features - be sure to watch our informative webinar by clicking on the link below:

Accessing your Account

All you need to access your account is for your email address to be registered with the event, besides that, just follow the steps below.

Enter your Email

This needs to be the email that you registered with for the Event. If your email is not registered, contact the organiser or [email protected]

Enter your Badge / Registration ID

As part of registering for the Event you’ll have received a unique Registration or Badge ID enter it to claim your account.

Request a reminder will send you an email with your ID (check your spam folder)!

Create a Password

You’ll use this password moving forward to access your account on Grip. You can always reset it in case you forget it.

Teams (Exhibitor & Sponsor Portal)

Teams is a critical element of the platform for exhibitors and sponsors. This page explains how to access it and some of its key features.

Creating your Team

If you’re the first person from your Company signing in you’ll be presented with the option to “Create a Team”. Enter your Company Name and immediately invite your colleagues to your team. This is very important if you want to take advance of the features outlined below

Powerful functionality for your Company

  • All the meetings for you and your team members in a single overview
  • Request meetngs with all people that have viewed or expressed an interest in your company. 
  • Enable attendees to start a direct conversation with your company on the platorm.
  • Add your colleagues as Team Members, update their profile and request meeting on ther behalf.
  • Create product profiles to give even more visibility to your Company and what you offer.


Edit the Company Profile

It is critical that your company profile looks as great as it can be, add images a description and event specific metadata to make it appear across the platform as frequently as possible.

Company Profiles

Company Booth Profiles bring plenty of opportunities for companies to showcase their unique capabilities and products in a single overview. Simple to set up and easy for attendees to explore, they allow you to:

  • Mark a Company with “Interested” - which will add you to the Inbound Leads of the Company.
  • Message a Company directly if you want to speak to them.
  • Embedded Youtube Video.
  • Input 'Company Information': Available fields depend on the orgniser
  • Request a Meeting with an individual representative of the Company
  • Representatives that are associated with the Company Profile.
  • Overview of the sessions and the Company that is speaking and/or sponsoring



Connections and Meetings are a core element of a succesfull event experience. We’ve made this as easy as possible distilling it down to just 4 simple steps to get a calendar full of meetings:


Get recommendations, search and scroll through lists to request meetings for a time and date that works for you.


Receive incoming meeting requests via notifications or in your email and accept them to have them synced to your personal calendar.


Virtual Meetings can be joined 5 minutes before the scheduled start time. You can join the meeting from your email or the platform by clicking: Open Virtual Meeting Room


Give anonymous feedback on your meeting with "Good", "Bad" or "Didn't Happen" and give a reason for your rating to qualify for your post-event follow-ups.


To get the best recommendations of people to meet and increase the chances that people accept your meetings one element is absolutely crucial: complete your profile!

Add a profile image, fill out your summary and select your preferences in the event-specific questions.


NOTE: Besides being able to request meetings, mark people with “interested” or “skip”. If someone is also interested in you, chat with them and grow your network!