Exhibitor news


Exhibiting company: ICT GmbH
Stand numbers: K64
Company website: www.ict-containers.at
Company spokesperson’s name: Victor Kvitko
Company spokesperson’s job title: CEO

1. How do you view the outlook for the intermodal industry?

In my opinion, world trade is going to grow after it was decreasing during COVID-19. Therefore, the intermodal industry will have good prospects for development.

To accelerate the growth of the intermodal industry is to implement new innovative containers that have a wide range of consumer features. 


2. What new products, services and solutions are you launching in 2022?

In 2022 we came to the market with our Innovative container (ISO standard) for transportation of bulk or packaged cargo. Innovative container has already aroused interest among several European transport companies. The uniqueness of our container is that in addition to packaged cargo, our container is able to transport a wide nomenclature of bulk cargo: from grain to mineral fertilizers and polymeric beads.


 Loading and unloading of bulk cargo in our container is:

 -without removal from railway platform/truck,

-without need to lift or tilt the container,

-with one worker force,

-on the existing  technical infrastructure for processing (load/unload) hoppers.

It takes 1.5 minutes to unload the container.

Loading and unloading of packaged cargo in our container operates:

-as does a standard dry container.

In fact, we have combined the properties of a dry container with that of a hopper. Our container is patented.

At the exhibition Intermodal Europe 2022 we would like to present our container and new logistic solutions, that our container is able to realise, to visitors and exhibitors. 


3. What key trends do you see shaping the industry over the next few years?

In my opinion, over the next few years new types of containers will appear. Such new types will be able to transport a wide nomenclature of cargo, including bulk cargo.

An opportunity to mass transportation of grain, mineral fertilizers, polymeric beads etc. will open way for usage new high effective logistic technologies, that will be able to:

-resolve the problem of backloading,

-increase the efficiency of container usage,

-decrease transport costs,

-reduce the burden on the environment.


4. Why is exhibiting at Intermodal Europe important for your business in 2022?.

Intermodal Europe 2022 is an important platform to meet and communicate with key participants of the container market.

I hope our innovative container will be interesting for exhibitors and visitors.

We will be glad to provide information about our innovative container and new logistics solutions.