Port of Rotterdam most dynamic European logistics hub

14 June 2019

As we look back on 2018's Intermodal Europe event at the Ahoy, it's refreshing to see that the Port of Rotterdam has been named as "most dynamic European logistics hub". Driving forward with innovation and shaping the future of logistics, the Port of Rotterdam has made huge efforts to continuously develop and refuses to remain at a standstill, propelling the port above its German and Antwerp counterparts. More reason to attend Intermodal Europe next month - join your industry peers in the most dynamic European logistics hub.

The Port of Rotterdam demonstrates its dynamism in different areas – both in shaping the future of logistics and every day logistics. The port thereby acts as an innovation and industry cluster, whether it be in cooperation with startups and contemporary industries, such as the field of chemistry, or as one of the most important clusters for LNG.

The port is constantly working on its internal port infrastructure as a dynamic logistics hub. The container terminals of APM, RWG and ECT on the Maasvlakte are already highly automated, so that large parts of the process are unmanned. The Port of Rotterdam is innovatively experimenting with networked quays.