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19 September 2018

With the global container shipping market currently estimated to be worth $4 trillion and representing almost two thirds the value of total global trade, there have been a number of significant changes over the last few years.

10 Jul 2017

After a period of significant change, the container shipping industry is now moving towards a state of stability and growth. Although there are still some key challenges to be faced in the coming months, the industry is showing good signs of revival after new deals and sector alliances have shaken up the market.

28 Feb 2017

Intermodal Europe is the world-leading exhibition and conference for companies associated with the container shipping industry. Covering all areas of container transport, logistics and innovation across road, rail and sea, the event provides an invaluable industry forum in Europe that brings together senior decision-making professionals with expert speakers and leading global exhibitors.

22 Oct 2015

NEW for 2015 - Intermodal Europe will incorporate 'RORO' bringing the roll-on / roll-off industry together under one roof with the intermodal industry for three days of meeting, learning and essential n ...

Blockchain in shipping: how real is it and are we ready?

18 Sep 2018

There is no arguing that the concept of 'blockchain', once only voiced in cryptocurrency circles, is now transitioning to many industries; shipping being one of the largest and perhaps the one that will be most impacted by the technology...

23 Nov 2017

There is never a dull moment in container shipping with constant challenges on the horizon – from overcapacity and bleak employment prospects to the impact of ever-growing sizes of ships capable of carrying 22,000 TEUs.

09 Nov 2016

Since the introduction of the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) amendment on 1st July 2016 requiring the certification of gross mass for containers, there has been much uncertainty, especially with regards to the documentation process, level of compliance and the degree of accuracy in the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) information provided. A critical move towards improved safety of the global transportation of containers – successful implementation could significantly reduce asset loss and damage, as well as being a preventative method for injury or fatalities to personnel.

16 Oct 2015

Intermodal Europe 2015 will once again host two live conference streams throughout the three-day event on 17-19 November at the Hamburg Messe. With the addition of the ‘RORO conference stream’, new fo ...

02 July 2017

Intermodal Europe will be held at the Hamburg Messe exhibition grounds from 17 to 19 November. Hamburg is virtually synonymous with this sector, and the world's leading exhibition and conference for t ...

22 Nov 2017

The developments in information and communication technology, such as The Internet of Things, blockchain technology, tracking, sensors and big data, are dramatically transforming the container shipping market today.

10 Oct 2016

Transport is often seen as an indication of the broader economy. Undoubtedly the container shipping industry has had an unsteady journey over the past 5 years, driving companies to look to more innovative ways to streamline operational costs, provide higher value services and increase overall productivity. Shipping lines in particular are searching for ways to reduce costs by optimising and automating their business processes.

24 Sep 2015

Intermodal Europe, the leading event dedicated exclusively to the container, transport and logistics industry, will be celebrating its 40th Anniversary this November in Hamburg. 'The gateway to the wo ...

30 Aug 2017

Since 2007, overcapacity of containerships and low freight rates have been affecting the industry in multiple ways. A decade on, there is still a significant reduction in the amount of finance being made available to the shipping industry, as some estimates show that banks’ lending equates to at least US$60 billion less per annum.

23 Aug 2016

Since the recession, the container shipping industry has faced extreme market pressures. Although embracing new initiatives and technologies have provided some tangible benefits, the carrier community may finally be coming to grips with the need for significant industry change.

16 Sep 2015


11 Aug 2015

Intermodal Europe will be held at the Hamburg Messe exhibition grounds from 17 to 19 November. Hamburg is virtually synonymous with this sector, and the world's leading exhibition and conference for t ...