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ORBCOMM launches next generation hardware

08 November 2018

ORBCOMM’s next generation hardware features a temporary modem that can be used to provide remote reefer monitoring in container yards and depots without requiring any physical infrastructure.

Launched at the Intermodal Exhibition in Rotterdam this week, the new hardware is part of ORBCOMM’s solution for monitoring and control of refrigerated containers travelling by land, rail or sea. This includes a range of ruggedized modems and sensors, and a Cloud-based analytics platform and information management engine.

The new ORBCOMM’s CT 3000 series is a permanent modem designed to support monitoring over the life of a reefer container. Smaller and easier to install than its predecessor, the CT 30000 connects directly to the reefer to enable real-time alerts and two-way control, “allowing operators to quickly react to discrepancies and remotely adjust temperature and humidity levels to ensure temperature compliance and minimize spoilage, thereby reducing costly insurance claims,” ORBCOMM noted. The CT 3000 is targeted at container owners, including leasing companies, that want connectivity and control of their refers throughout the supply chain.

The new CT 3100 is a temporary monitoring device that connects to the reefer through the external serial port, to monitor assets for a specific duration. This includes applications on vessels, and at terminals, depots and intermodal yards. With options for cellular and satellite connectivity, the CT 3100 provides can communicate without requiring any on site infrastructure.

“ORBCOMM continues to lead the industrial IoT in innovation, as we remain committed to developing new feature-rich, cost-effective products that meet the changing demands of our markets,” said Craig Malone, ORBCOMM’s Executive Vice President of Product Development. “ORBCOMM’s new refrigerated container product series utilizes our best-in-class IoT technology to enable intermodal operators to maximize asset utilization and lower operating costs, while providing the highest value and service to customers.”

The new hardware comes on the market at a time when interest in reefer monitoring is at a peak. Maersk Line is still the only top 10 reefer fleet operator that has installed a remote monitoring system across its whole reefer fleet, but WorldCargo News understands others are set to follow in the next 12 months. Several carriers and large fleet owners have been investigating systems for some time, and the talk at the Intermodal Exhibition was that some of these are about to move forward. The leasing industry too is finally getting onboard, with SeaCube now prepared to bundle the cost of telematics into reefer leasing contracts.

via WorldCargo News